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Kowloon’s Gate VR: Suzaku is Heading to Nintendo Switch

Jetman has officially announced Kowloon’s Gate VR: Suzaku for Nintendo Switch without a release date. According to the developers, the Switch version will not support VR. However, new areas will be added to the game.

Kowloon’s Gate VR: Suzaku is currently available in Japan and Asia for PlayStation VR. Watch a trailer for the PSVR version above.

Story of the game:

On June 22, 1997, before the handover of Hong Kong, the demolished Kowloon Walled City reemerged from the realm of Yin, back to the streets of Hong Kong in the living realm of Yang. The Hong Kong Supreme Feng Shui Conference determined that the reappearance of the walled city was a sign of an imbalance of the Yin and Yang, and if the two parallel worlds are not separated once again, great calamity would occur. 

To set things straight, the order of Feng Shui would need to be re-installed in the realm of Yin. Thus the protagonist, a Super Feng Shui Practitioner, was sent into the Kowloon Walled City to seek and awaken the Four Symbols so that order would be revived.

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