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Ciconia When They Cry Phase 2 Has Been Delayed to Later in 2020

07th Expansion and Ryukishi07 have announced on Twitter that visual novel Ciconia When They Cry Phase 2 has been delayed from its planned May 2020 release to a general 2020 window.

Ciconia When They Cry is the fifth entry in the When They Cry series. It was designed to be different from Higurashi and Umineko games, 
with a larger world compared to their isolated settings, and with the intent that the player can choose to just enjoy the story or optionally try to solve the mysteries themselves. It is released episodically for PC in English and Japanese language, by 07th Expansion in Japan and by MangaGamer worldwide, and is planned to be four episodes long. The first, "Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones", was released on October 4, 2019.

Ciconia When They Cry takes place after the end of World War III. It follows the Gauntlet Knights – young people trained to use a powerful new military technology called the Gauntlet, who have become the sole military force of every major nation. The Gauntlet Knights have maintained peace across the world, however the onset of a fourth world war throws their lives into jeopardy.

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