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Yostar’s New Mobile RPG Blue Archive Coming in 2020; Closed Beta Applications Now Available

Yostar, the publisher behind games like Arknights and Azur Lane has announced that its upcoming mobile RPG, Blue Archive Formerly known as Project MX will launch in Japan sometime in 2020 for iOS and Android. It will be a free to play game with microtransactions.

Blue Archive is a modern fantasy game where Players take the role of a teacher who guides students to solve a variety of different incidents around the city.

Yostar will host a closed beta test for Blue Archive (Android only). Registration is available now until July 31, 2020 at 1:59 pm JST. The publisher will accept 1,000 applicants. If over 1,000 users apply, participants will be decided by lottery.

Check out a teaser trailer and a key artwork for Blue Archive below. Visit the game's official website here, and Twitter account here.

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