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Visual Novel Abyss of the Sacrifice Coming to Switch, and PC Worldwide on December 17

D3 Publisher has announced that the Japanese visual novel Misshitsu no Sacrifice which originally released exclusively for the PSP in Japan in February 2010 is getting a remake for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The remake is called Abyss of the Sacrifice and will release worldwide on December 17, 2020. The game will support English, Japanese, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese languages for subtitles and Japanese-only for voice over.

Misshitsu no Sacrifice tells the story of five young girls who attempt to escape an underground facility called "Foundation".The game is divided into numerous short chapters, each played from a specific character's perspective, each of which includes a handful of puzzles in addition to fully-voiced story sequences. After each chapter, the player much choose which character to play next, and the outcome of the story will change depending on what order the chapters are played.

Check out the announcement trailer and screenshots below:

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