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Pop’n Music Lively Announced for PC; Beta Version Now Available.


Konami has announced Pop’n Music Lively for PC. Pop'n Music is a rhythm game series made by Konami. The games are known for their bright colors, upbeat songs, and cute cartoon character graphics. Originally released in 1998, the series has had over fifteen home releases in Japan as well as many arcade versions.

A limited time PC beta is currently available to play. If you are interested you will need a Konami account and you can download the beta client hereThe limited time PC beta will include five playable songs:

  • Haisui no Jin by Hideo Suwa
  • Perverse Heart ~Ama no Jaku~ by Egoistic Lemontea 
  • Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite by Qualia Murasama
  • Renai Kansoku by NU-KO
  • Omedetou! Otanjoubi by Witches

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