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Touhou Luna Nights Heading to Nintendo Switch This Year

Recently, publisher Phoenixx has announced that the 2D action Metroidvania game Touhou Luna Nights, which first released for PC via Steam in August 2018, followed by an Xbox One version in September 2020, is heading to Nintendo Switch this year.

Touhou Luna Nights is a Metroidvania title with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action. Developed by Team Ladybug, creators of multiple fantastic games like Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue and Pharaoh Rebirth+.


“...Now, let’s begin my world.”

Remilia Scarlet, head vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion sends her maid Sakuya Izayoi with no warning to a world much like Gensokyo, but not quite.

A world full of strange places, filled with strange youkai and her time manipulation sealed.
What could Remilia’s end game be..

What's special about this game:

  1. It's one of the first Touhou games where it had Sakuya Izayoi as the main protagonist. You can stop or slow down time as you fight against your foes.
  2. Its colorful graphics give the game a 16-bit Metroidvania style gameplay.
  3. Smooth controls.
  4. Good soundtrack
  5. You can find as many unlockables as you can (Auto Aim, or A Thousand Dagger) while you're exploring.
  6. Its recent update unlocked new content, such as:
    • New map and levels.
    • New abilities, like dashing, and flame immunity.
    • New enemies.
    • Reimu Hakurei boss fight.
  7. After you've beaten Reimu, the game unlocks Boss Rush Mode, which tests you on how fast you can beat them all.

Check out a trailer via GameTrailers and a batch of screenshots below: 

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