Pentax K-1 Mark II Digital Camera for $2,196.95 ($203.00 off)

    Pentax K-1 Mark II Digital Camera with D-FA 28-105 WR Lens: 36.4MP Full Frame High Resolution, 5 Axis, 5 Steps Shake Reduction II, Dustproof and Weather-resistant Construction, Flexible Tilt-Type LCD Monitor 


    Features and Benefits

    • High resolution Images: 36.4 effective megapixels ensures that details are shown clearly, delivering outstanding quality images
    • Optical Viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view: assuring a clear view of the subject and ease of focus
    • Top sensitivity of ISO819200: state-of-the-art imaging processing system, greatly improves image quality, even in low light situations
    • PIXEL SHIFT RESOLUTION SYSTEM II: PENTAX technology that produces high-quality images beyond the power of traditional image capture.
    • The new-generation shake reduction II: 5-axis, 5 shutter step camera shake compensation.
    • DUSTPROOF, WEATHER-RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION: A combination of the K-1 Mark II's 87 weather seals and the optional D-BG6 Battery Grip's watertight design prevents the intrusion of water and dust. 
    • Dust removal II mechanism: This effectively removes all dust particles from the image sensor surface, and prevents unwanted spots from appearing on the captured image.
    • Dual card slot: large-volume image data filing on 2 SD memory Cards.
    • Flexible Tilt-type LCD monitor: innovative mechanism to tilt the monitor to any desired angle along the optical axis.
    • ASTROTRACER: By making full use of its GPS module, Electronic Compass and SR II mechanism, the K-1 Mark II simplifies astronomical photography of celestial bodies, without the need for an equatorial mount.

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