SIRUI 75mm F1.8 1.33X APS-C (X Mount) Anamorphic Lens for $549.95 ($349.05 off)

    SIRUI 75mm Anamorphic Lens F1.8 1.33X APS-C (X Mount), Aluminum Lens for APS-C/MFT Sensors, 1.33x Cinematic Anamorphic Squeeze, 2.4:1 Aspect Ratio, 13-Blade Iris


    Features and Benefits

     SIRUI 75mm Anamorphic Portrait Lens  

    • In terms of application scenario, 24mm lens is suitable for wide-angle shots, 35mm for humanistic shots, and 50mm for subject separation shots. When trying to portray characters in a subtle way or enhance emotional rendering, those lenses seem a bit insufficient in expression. In this case, getting a portrait lens will render the narrative more natural and coherent.
    • This lens is free from obvious perspective distortion relative to wide angle lens, hence characters are presented in a more natural way, as if seeing right through your eyes. The 75mm focal length guarantees not only a good distance between the photographer and the model, but also an easy switch between a bust portrait and a full-length portrait.
    • Capture cinematic widescreen images when using a cine camera with an APS-C sensor size with this 75mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens from Sirui. The Sirui 75MM series lenses feature 5 different native mounts and captures a widescreen 1.33x anamorphic image squeeze with an ultra-wide 2:4:1 aspect ratio when used with an APS-C sensor size. This design gives you a 33% increase in the horizontal field of view for a beautiful cinematic widescreen look.
    • This 75mm manual-focus lens is designed with a durable housing and features optics with protective lens coatings, 16 elements in 12 groups, a 13-blade iris, a minimum focus distance of 3.9', and a fast f/1.8 maximum aperture. It can also produce horizontal blue streaks with less stray light and has a soft, oval bokeh with a shallow depth of field while maintaining a sharp focus. You can utilize 67mm filters on the front of the lens, and it features distance markings in both feet and meters.
    • Images produced by this lens are high in sharpness, small in chromatic aberration and curve of field, displaying distinctive Anamorphic features. 
    • Aircraft aluminum housing, CNC machining parts, German Schott Glass with multi-layer nano coating, focus and aperture rings with anti-slip teeth and filter spec of M67*0.75 all indicate that the 75mm lens intercuts seamlessly with the entire line of SIRUI Anamorphic primes in terms of appearance.
    • Five mounts, including M4/3, E, X, Z and EF-M mount, are designed for the 75mm lens, which is durable and lends images higher resolution.
    • Make sure this lens fits your camera model number!

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