eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener for 39.95 ($25.05 off)

    eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener, Multi-Car Garage, Universal WiFi Remote Controller Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, iPhone, Siri, Android, 1 2 or 3


    $25.05 (39% off)


     Features and Benefits

    • Smarten Existing Garages: Universal adapter connects to existing openers & connects to wireless b/g/n so you can control from anywhere wirelessly.
    • Works With Alexa, Goofle Home, iPhone, SIRI, Android: Use any device including voice assistants, like Alexa, Ok Google, Siri, or even on smart watches. 
    • Multi-Car Garage: Have 1, 2, or 3+ garage doors? Our device works with any number of garage stalls - each garage door will require its own opener to control it. 
    • Works On Most Openers (adapter maybe required): Not sure if your openers compatible? It likely is! If it isn't we now have an adapter that expands compatibility - let us know if you need an adapter.
    • No Monthly Fees: Enjoy unlimited access to our mobile app along with Siri, Alexa, OK Google, and scheduling at NO EXTRA COST!

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