Filtrete Smart Air Purifier for $106.97 ($183.02 off)

    Filtrete Smart Air Purifier, Up to 150 sqft, 4 Speeds + Auto Mode, Alexa Enabled, Wi-Fi Simple Setup, Voice Control, True HEPA Filter for Allergens, Dust, Bacteria, & Viruses

    $183.02 (63% off)



     Features and Benefits

    Enjoy a seamless setup experience

    Filtrete Smart Air Purifiers uses Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup technology for easy setup. Link your Filtrete Smart account to Alexa. When it arrives, plug it in and watch it come alive. 


    Improved indoor air quality with True HEPA filtration  

    Many particles are floating in the air that remains unseen to the human eye. With True HEPA filters, included with every Filtrete Smart Air Purifier, you'll help capture 99.97% of airborne particles* in your home, including allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander. 


     Alexa Voice Control 

    Use Alexa voice commands to control your Filtrete Smart Air Purifier.

    • Hey Alexa, how are we breathing today?
    • Hey Alexa, how's the filter life of my Filtrete Smart Air Purifier?
    • Alexa, can you set the temperature to 72?


     Better air. Anywhere

    Whether your room is large or small, the Filtrete Smart Air Purifier can help purify the air in them all. Featuring a console device that covers a room up to 150 ft² , you can enjoy the feeling of cleaner air in any room, anywhere. 


    • Change Filter when the device’s filter life indicator reaches 0% (Approximately every 6 months based on 12 hours of run time per day)
    • Works With F2 Filtrete Filters
    • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 98

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