Light L16 Pocket-Sized Multi-Lense Camera for $189.00 ($70.95 off)(EXPIRED)

    Light L16 Pocket-Sized Multi-Lense Camera, 4K 2160p, DSLR Quality, 52 Megapixels, 16 Lenses, Built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, 256MB Storage, Touchscreen, Software Updated


    $70.95 (27% off)


     Features and Benefits

    • On-Camera Editing and this compact camera captures the details of your scene at multiple focal lengths, then uses sophisticated algorithms to combine 10+ images into a single, high-resolution photo. 
    • Light's advanced image-processing engine captures 51.1 megapixels of rich data, creating high-quality images with striking details, realistic colors, and significantly less noise. Photographers have the creative freedom they need to zoom, crop, enlarge, and ultimately bring their vision to life. 
    • 3 stops of dynamic range and unlike most cameras, the L16 captures multiple images at different exposure values. When combined, final photos boast an impressively wide dynamic range—around 13 stops. 
    • Weighing just less than a pound, the L16 offers convenience without sacrificing quality. Now, photographers can take professional-quality photos wherever they go. 
    • Built-in Wifi, On screen editing, Bluetooth, Software Updates, 52 Megapixels, 16 Lenses, Optimized Low Light Capability, etc. The Light L16 has so much to offer! 
    • Camera Model L16. LightOS Version: LightOS- Camera Firmware Version: 00431D6A

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