eufy Security Smart Lock S230 for $159.99 ($100.00 off)

    eufy Security Smart Lock S230, Keyless Fingerprint Lock for Front Door, Easy Installation, Built-in Wi-Fi, Works with Alexa & Google, One-Year Battery Life, BHMA Certified, IP65 Weatherproof

    $100.00 (38% off)

     Features and Benefits

    • No Battery Fears, One-Year of Use from One Charge: Our new 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery provides significantly longer-lasting power than ever before. Packing the equivalent of more than 16 AA batteries, say goodbye to charging or replacing batteries every few months and say hello to total convenience. 
    • Lightning-fast Fingerprint Unlocking: With the AI self-learning feature, unlocking becomes even faster as it gets more familiar with your commonly used fingerprints. The large sensor area ensures accurate recognition, and your fingerprints are securely stored locally for privacy protection. 
    • Seamless Integration for a Smarter Home: With a eufy video doorbell, integrating a eufy smart lock into daily life becomes effortless. Check the live view and see who’s at the door, then unlock it and let them in, right on the same screen. 
    • Easy Install with Built-in Wi-Fi: You can install it yourself within 15 minutes without calling a professional. There's no need to drill or set up an extra bridge. DOOR THICKNESS MUST BE 35-55MM (1.38-2.17 INCHES). 
    • Security and Durability: BHMA Certified after being locked and unlocked more than 100,000 times. Send an alarm triggered by a usual attempt to open your door lock.

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