AOSU Indoor Security Camera for $29.99 ($13.00 off)

    AOSU Indoor Security Camera: 2K QHD, 360° View, One-Touch Calls, Motion Tracking, Night Vision, 5GHz Wi-Fi, Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant - White


    $13.00 (30% off)


      Features and Benefits

    • 2K resolution-Stop guessing and know with exact certainty what’s happening inside your home. 24/7 recording.
    • AOSU Security Camera never stops recording, ensuring that your property is always monitored, no matter what time of day or night. Pan and tilt.
    • Check all the hidden corners inside your house to ensure nothing sneaks past you. 
    • On-device AI human detection-This innovative technology detects when a human enters the frame and cuts back on annoying false alarms.
    • Noise-activated 360° pan-Indoor Camera Mini detects suspicious activity, activates the recording, and rotates 360° to capture any potential threat.
    • Motion tracking:Any movement is followed and recorded, ensuring that you never miss the key details if someone walks out of frame.
    • Easily connect to Alexa and Google Assistant to keep your home devices bundled together.

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